econ0mic development

Smart economic development creates jobs. Within District 60 there are hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of jobs dependent upon those businesses. We must continue to make Florida a low cost state to do business in. That means building a globally competitive regulatory environment where businesses aren't hampered by the reach of state government. We need to continue to keep taxes low in Florida and eliminate taxes that make us less competitive than other states and countries.


As a professional engineer and transportation advocate I look forward to working as hard as I can to provide my community with what it needs to finally fixing our transportation problems. We have to make strategic investments in our transportation network to make it easier to get goods to market and people to and from their workplace and home. It is time for Tallahassee to get serious about this issue and provide the necessary resources to our local governments.


Investing in education is a key to attracting and retaining a top rate workforce. As a mother I worry about my children’s future. I want all children to have access to a quality education. Parents should be allowed the option of sending their children to the best schools regardless of whether they are public or private. What is most important is the quality of the education, not where the education comes from.